The road out of lockdown: Black is the new green

With ‘outside food and drinks only’ being the current status-quo in the industry across England, certain tools are becoming more useful, and more in need than ever before. We’ve talked about the stablelizer that brings balance to your wonky tables, the new matte black wine cooler for outside entertaining, and the non-slip tray, which is in high demand.

Another tool that has become more useful than ever right now is the glass carrier. Prior to COVID-19 it may have been common practice to have glasses dotted around both inside and out, however hygiene standards have been elevated to a new all-time high and, as a result, glasses are scooped up with haste and only by staff. Glass carriers were always an important addition to any bar or pub, and now with schools insisting on pupils each having their own water bottle, they are finding a new lease of life as water bottle carriers too.

Traditionally green, our glass or water bottle carriers have been given a little makeover. Haven’t you heard? Black is the new green and following our new matte black wine cooler, the Beaumont TM glass carrier will soon be available in black. It is important in today’s world that every piece of barware, or at least the customer-facing tools, fit the aesthetic and style of the bar, cafe, pub, or restaurant.

By introducing the new black version of the glass carrier, we are ensuring that a more neutral, and slighter cooler version, of the glass carrier is available for the more image-conscious establishments.

Manufactured in the UK and made from HPDE, our carrier can comfortably accommodate a diverse range of pint and wine glasses, bottles and tumblers as each compartment has a generous 8cm x 10cm depth.

With a 10 glass capacity, the carrier not only allows for the secure delivery of drinks from bar to table but also an efficient collection of used glassware. Its comfortable handle is perfect for those long routes from bar to outdoor spaces or even service across multiple floors. A practical alternative to tray service, it’s easy to clean ensuring an all-important hygienic service.

So whether it is as a water bottle carrier for your local school or as a glass carrier for your army of barbacks, the Beaumont TM glass collector will do the job as well as it always has – in green, in black, or in whatever colour comes next!


Check out the green glass carrier here.

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