Beaumont TM Limited is recognised as the UK’s largest and most
reliable supplier of Barware to the hospitality industry.

01525 722 500

I always use TD105-30s in my bar

Robyn Closson- Flaming Saddles, West Hollywood

Beaumont is our most reliable supplier

Darren Fendo- Jag Supplies

Great guys all with a great work ethic! Love dealing with Beaumont

Adam - Payne Bros

The Metrix SL Spirit Measures are more hygienic and do not leak


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Use a bar spoon like a professional…

This week we explore the next 'How To' video in the series with professional bartender Jumbles St Pierre, this time we are covering another key implement in the cocktail making process, the bar spoon or stirrers. As always we will cover each of the bar spoons in the...

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Just in time for National Wine Day…

That's right national wine day is tomorrow (25th May). In true spirit of such a day, we thought why not explore all of our wonderful wine accessories here at Beaumont TM. From glass hangers to have your best wine glasses on show, to wine coolers, measures and...

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Handcrafted ceramic Tiki mugs

Our range of Tiki is growing with the Tom Dyer Tiki tin-on-tin cocktail shaker and our cool new range of garnish picks - and now to make sure once you have shaken up your Tiki cocktail you have somewhere equally as Tiki to put it in, we have a brand new range...

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