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Beaumont TM Limited is recognised as the UK’s largest and most 
reliable supplier of Barware to the hospitality industry.

01525 722 500

I always use TD105-30s in my bar

Robyn Closson- Flaming Saddles, West Hollywood

Beaumont is our most reliable supplier

Darren Fendo- Jag Supplies

Great guys all with a great work ethic! Love dealing with Beaumont

Adam - Payne Bros

The Metrix SL Spirit Measures are more hygienic and do not leak


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Save the water bill & the environment with the shot clip

Save the water bill & the environment with the shot clip

Could this be one of the most convenient bar inventions of all time? How often do you find yourself scurrying around for a thimble measure? Thimble measures are very low cost, and most bars will have a fair few, but it still doesn't stop them all from going missing...

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What do you think a Rimmer is for?

What do you think a Rimmer is for?

Perhaps you haven't tried a rimmer yet, perhaps you are curious whether a rimmer would be useful for your bar, restaurant, pub, or place. What we can say, is once you've tried a rimmer you'll wonder how you've gone this long without one. We are of course talking about...

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The holy grail of jiggers?

The holy grail of jiggers?

An elegant and meticulously designed spirit measure, the grail is the ultimate statement of decadence and difference. In what is becoming a more and more saturated marketplace, finding unique pieces of barware that are also built to last, is challenging. The Grail...

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