Beaumont TM Limited is recognised as the UK’s largest and most
reliable supplier of Barware to the hospitality industry.

01525 722 500

I always use TD105-30s in my bar

Robyn Closson- Flaming Saddles, West Hollywood

Beaumont is our most reliable supplier

Darren Fendo- Jag Supplies

Great guys all with a great work ethic! Love dealing with Beaumont

Adam - Payne Bros

The Metrix SL Spirit Measures are more hygienic and do not leak


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Specialist ice without the specialist price…

The ice used in bars is increasingly coming in more Interesting and different shapes, some of these bars will even order in or purchase this ice  - such as ice balls and ice stars, ice shot glasses, etc. Having looked into how much it costs to order in interestingly...

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Wave goodbye to wobbly tables with sTABLElizer

How often have you been to a pub or restaurant, sat down at the table of your choice, only to notice that it is wobbly? Perhaps you are tired of coming across dislodged folded up napkins, business cards and more strewn across the floor that were previously stopping...

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All the copper barware you’ll ever need…

There is something inherently classic about copper barware, perhaps it's the nostalgia of the industrial period when copper was often used so widely. We don't know for certain but what we do know is copper barware has a unique style. One of the great things about...

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