Are your tables ready for the rush of revellers come April 12th

Providing everything goes to plan, the UK government has planned for the return of outdoor hospitality in England on April 12th, although there will surely be those who will still be cautious of mixing outdoors and social distancing rules will still apply – we expect there will also be a rush of revellers descending upon the pubs, cafes, and restaurants of England. Particularly if the weather is good!

As we know, much of the trade has been under enforced closure during the lockdown, and even establishments that have been able to remain open have most likely reorganised their hospitality spaces – chairs and tables have been moved indoors or stacked up in the corner of the room, and products have gone into cold storage. Shortly, however, will come the time to restock the bar and rearrange the tables.

When customers finally return, the last thing you want is for anything to be off, and that includes the balance of your tables! As tables are moved around and situated in new places, any previous balancing bodges will have likely been removed. We’ve all been there, using folded up menus, business cards, or napkins to try and achieve table equilibrium, in truth though, these bodge solutions look unprofessional and often don’t last long. You can guarantee if your customers sit down at a wobbly table the most DIY inclined of the bunch will attempt to solve it themselves, most likely using your beermats or napkins to do it – and that is never a positive experience for a customer, having to sort this out themselves.

What then, I hear you ask, is the solution? One clever word. sTABLElizer. Ok, the name may not be as clever as the product itself but it gets the point across succinctly. The sTABLElizer will bring stability and order to your tables. Bar tables, picnic tables, restaurant tables, there is no table large or small the sTABLElizer cannot stabilise.

Each small tub contains 25 different PVC tabs that have been designed to be wedged under uneven table legs. As the individual tabs are made from strong PVC they will hold up under the heaviest tables and will last for a long while before they need replacing. The grooved design of the tabs means they can easily be doubled up, allowing you to fill a wide variety of gaps. The tabs are also textured, ensuring both table and sTABLElizer remain right where you left them.

table levller

So, as normal life (hopefully) begins to resume we can wave goodbye to not only lockdown but also wobbly tables too. And that sounds like a vision of the future we want to live in.




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