We have worked with Beaumont for over 15 years, during this time we have built a fantastic working relationship which is founded on their reliability and efficiency. They always provide excellent customer service and their products are of a brilliant quality.

Alliance Disposables

Beaumont is our most reliable supplier

Darren Fendo

Jag Supplies

Great guys all with a great work ethic! Love dealing with Beaumont


Payne Bros

Much easier to operate

Barracuda Inns

On the Metrix SL Spirit Measures

More hygienic and does not leak


On the Metrix SL Spirit Measures

I always use TD105-30s in my bar

Robyn Closson

Flaming Saddles, West Hollywood

The Tom Dyer pourer, which is used throughout the business gives our bar tenders confidence in a perfect pour, with a durable long lasting product. The quality of Beaumont’s barware range bringing innovation to TGI’s.

TGI Fridays UK

Have not replaced a measure in 3 years.


On the Metrix SL Spirit Measures

Beaumont are always launching new and innovative products to compliment their existing range of bar equipment.
They are a company we can rely on.

Parsley in Time

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Beaumont TM Ltd Paperpack Cert - small

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