The road out of lockdown: Tending and trays

It has been a fantastic week for drinking establishments across England, doors were thrown open on Monday the 12th of April and there was no shortage of thirsty customers, filling each and every outside table and chair. As we lead up to a more widescale reopening on May 17th in England, we are sharing our ‘The road out of lockdown’ blogs, each showcasing a useful item or two for publicans, bar owners, and bartenders across this green and pleasant land.

Naturally, with the current rules around eating and drinking, our next pitstop on the road out of lockdown is tending and trays. With revellers unable to enter the premises to order, table service is pretty much mandatory, and trays are becoming increasingly appreciated as a way to lay the drinks down on the table whilst having the least contact possible.

We have a wide range of waiters trays, all of which are non-slip, and even have non-slip mats for those trays without the non-slip blessing. And as many bartenders and waiters around the world will tell you, non-slip is a blessing! Particularly when you have a tray full of pints!

From your more traditional circular trays to something a bit more geared towards large food orders in our rectangular serving trays, whatever your shape and style, there is something to carry your cocktail. There are many reasons for a new tray or two in times such as this. Thankfully, the restriction on us going out for a drink has created a demand like never before. As a result, many places are getting in more staff, and more staff means more trays.

We have also seen our share of cheap trays over the years, and as many of you that have dabbled in a cheap tray or two will know, they don’t hold up under strain and sometimes the non-slip surface you thought you were getting for a bargain decides it’s time here is done and peels off or eventually erodes away.

Your serving trays are also a reflection on your business, old, faded, and discoloured trays don’t put out a great message – especially if you are positioning yourself as a higher-end establishment. Serving trays are one of the few pieces of barware that your customers will most certainly come into contact with, so it is always worth ensuring they are up to a good standard.


Check out our full range of non-slip trays here. 

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