The road out of lockdown: A new addition for outdoor entertaining

Having a few friends around? Fancy a trip to the pub or a bar? Well as of today (April 26th, 2021), you can thankfully do these things again, albeit outdoors. As of April 12th, in England, the trade has finally opened its doors – although unless you need to visit the loo you cannot legally walk through them. Outdoor space has been deemed the only suitable space for socialising at this point on the road out of lockdown, and so friends and family must stick to the side gate, or hop the garden fence.

And although we jest about not being allowed through the pub doors, or mum having to hop the fence, we think it is fair to say we are all mightily happy that we can at least enjoy some food or drink outdoors with our friends again, at our favourite establishments. It seems even the notoriously unpredictable British weather got the memo. And, in much of England at least, the weather has been clear and warm.

With May around the corner, June will soon follow, and the summer will be upon us. Outdoor entertaining might be all we can do right now, but we will most likely be doing it by choice by then, which gives you all the more reason to be excited about our latest edition to our cooler & ice bucket range!

A matte black version of our hugely popular 8-litre ice bucket cooler. The new cooler is built to the same specifications as you will be used to, it only the exterior that has changed to create a high-end matte black finish. Many establishments both in England and abroad appreciate the wine coolers and ice buckets to fit their theme and fashion, and the new matte black version of the 8-litre ice bucket to go with its clear and white siblings

A durable and recyclable plastic, primarily this material has been chosen to act as a great insulator, ensuring your bottles remain cold for as long as possible. These coolers are nice and big, which means, with ice, you can fit about 3-4 standard-sized bottles of wine inside. Without any bottles, these coolers will hold 8 litres of ice or liquid.

With a cool and modern look to it, the minimal style of the black plastic wine cooler will fit the decor of many a club and bar. Ergonomically designed, this cooler is very easy to carry, which both your revellers and staff will be happy to discover. Ice coolers can be difficult things to carry at the best of times, with cold and slippy exteriors, however, this version comes with two perfectly placed handles. We can also offer to have your ice coolers branded with your company logo, find out more.


Check out the new matte black 8L wine cooler here

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