As far as trees go, I think we are all on the same page. Trees are great. They provide wood, and various foods, they soak up all that pesky carbon dioxide and emit oxygen in its place, what’s not to love. This tree is a little different, however. It doesn’t do any of those great things we just talked about but it does hold 12 cocktails, gin and tonics, or any other drink of your choice – providing the glass fits in the holder!

Although this isn’t the answer to ‘cocktails don’t grow on trees’ as this tree is a holder of cocktails rather than a cocktail cultivator; it is still something to be admired. And admire it we shall as it sits in the centre of the table.

The Beaumont TM Cocktail Glass Tree has been designed to sit proudly as a centrepiece, ensuring equal opportunities for all when it comes to cocktail acquisition. Perfect for bars, clubs or restaurants that want to offer a new and interesting group cocktail option. Or perhaps for wedding venues or event organisers that want a novel or interesting way to serve the first round of drinks at the wedding breakfast.

First and foremost our cocktail tree has been designed to make sure it works well and lasts. Each branch has been carefully thought out to ensure each of the martini glass, copa de balon gin glasses, wine glass, etc slot in comfortably, with enough wiggle room to ensure each glass can be removed without taking out another branch. The structure of the cocktail tree is made from powder-coated aluminium, which means it is strong and resistant to wear and tear.

With a strong and stable base (cue Theresa May jokes), you won’t need to worry about the cocktail tree going lopsided or blowing away in the wind. The in-built ring on the top also makes for easy carrying and storage.

Although it is designed as a cocktail glass tree, don’t let this become its defining feature. In fact, as we have already eluded to it can hold almost any glass as long as it fits. We have seen restaurants using these to serve an array of desserts, as well as distilleries to present tasting gin tasting sessions. You could even have candles dotted amongst the branches if you don’t need 12 glasses. You are limited only by your imagination!


Available now. Speak to one of the Beaumont TM team about our cocktail trees, or locate your local distributor here.

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