Your very own branded barware…

Here at Beaumont TM we have been designing and developing a whole manner of barware, catering equipment and more for many years. Barware is what we love and we take great pleasure in coming up with high quality solutions for bars, restaurants, hotels, pubs and more...

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The best Beaumont bartender garnishing tools

In the same way that chips are only so good without sauce, we believe cocktails are only so good without garnish. There is a whole theatre behind cocktail making and the enjoying and drinking of a cocktail, too right we say! We don't just like how our cocktail tastes...

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The all new ice crusher

Crushed ice is the key to many a good drink. In fact being able to manipulate your ice into different shapes, or preparing clear ice with distilled water, can be a great way to differentiate your bar. Ice is as integral to the drinks making process as the liquid...

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A classic, updated for the modern era: The Soda Syphon

There is something about the classic Soda Syphon that still makes it King even amongst more modern designs. Sometimes the original look is the best. The large glass canister with the mesh exterior and stainless steel fixtures is iconic and it is certainly more...

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What better cocktail for Halloween than the original Zombie?

There are all sorts of great cocktail concoctions for Halloween (and plenty of terrible ones too). One cocktail that can certainly be Halloween themed and is a bona fide classic is the Zombie. Unfortunately the Zombie, much like the Mai Tai, is a classic cocktail that...

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Preparing for Winter with Beaumont TM

And so we enter the banqueting season, out go the parasols, tiki cocktails and bottled beer specials, in come the winter warmers, barrels of ale, and wine of all kinds. We are lucky to experience all of the seasons here in the UK, even if it sometimes seems we...

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The Peg Board Display: The original and best

Who would have called the return of wide leg trousers and flares from the 70s, dungarees from the 90s, even Nokia mobile phones from the noughties! It seems that even once resigned to the history books, the original and best ideas always make a come back. The peg...

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Beaumont TM Support Monin Battle of Bartenders

One of the largest bartending competitions in Lithuania went down recently with support from the team here at Beaumont TM, the Monin Battle of Bartenders. Always a popular event in the capital city of Vilnius in Lithuania, the Monin Battle of Bartenders awards the...

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Welcome to the Beaumont Blog.

In our bar blog you will find lots of great tips and tricks for your business; covering topics such as how to limit your wastage, increase your bottom line and impress your customers. You will also find all the information you need on our latest products, what is going on in the world of Beaumont TM and so much more. So if you are a bartender, barista, bar owner, publican or restaurateur then this is the blog for you:


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