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When it comes to Europe, we all know they do things a little different on the continent, especially when it comes to alcohol. When it comes to European optics, in many places you will still find the good old 35ml measure for a single for example. Another thing that they do differently on the continent is the larger bottles of alcohol, such as spirits, etc, come fitted with a non-refillable closure just inside the neck of the bottle (pictured below).


european optics

The idea behind the little gizmo fitted into the neck of the bottle is to ensure the bottles are not refilled and used again – potentially with a different, cheaper, local alternative! So really it is all about brand protection. However, ‘all this protecting lark’ can cause other problems, for example, the typical wall optics or measures, used widely in the UK, will not fit on European bottles – due to the non-refillable closure sitting in the neck. As we know when using optics for your bottle, the bottle needs to be hung upside down on the wall – fitted into a bracket – with the optics plugged into the neck of the bottle, creating a seal.

european optics

Naturally, the protector will not allow for the optic to be fed into the neck of the bottle and the seal to be created. Considering we work with a lot of people around the world and on the continent – you can take another look at our latest European tour here – we came up with a suitable work-around, which allows you to use the bottle with the protector and also the typical wall optics or measure.

european optics

We call it the Euro Adaptor and it will work with all different sizes of bottles, you just need to make sure you have the correct size bracket to hold the bottle as well. This smart little device will allow a seal to be created and the European optics will work as they should, providing all the benefits and advantages that come with using wall optics; such as an increased efficiency in the time taken to serve and prepare drinks, an impeccable wastage record compared to hand held measures and as a result a myriad of savings in what is typically spent on stock.

If you would like to discover more about the Euro Adapter, find the product code, etc – then please follow this link: https://beaumonttm.co.uk/bar-products-and-accessories/spirit-measures-accessories/bottle-brackets-stands/singlebrackets/euro-adaptor/

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