Use a muddler like a professional…

Continuing onward with our ‘How To’ videos, we have picked out some of our most popular products and working with professional bartender Jumbles St Pierre, we have put together some cool ‘How To’ videos, showing you just how the professionals use these barware items in their everyday jobs.

We have already covered the jigger with links to each of our available jiggers, now it is time for the muddlers. The muddler is a main stay behind any cocktail bar and for good reason. No tool does the job of squashing, muddling and mixing as well as a muddler. From Caipirinhas to the Old Fashioned, there are many cocktails that require a good muddle to be made properly.

Without further adieu it is time to hand over to the professional who gives you a super quick run down on best practice when it comes to using a muddler behind the bar:

Antique brass muddler

Perhaps our most beautiful muddler, the antique brass muddler sits at 9 inches and features a beautifully brushed brass handle, attached to a durable plastic muddling head. The muddling head features many different plastic teeth that grip and dissect any soft ingredient that gets in your way – squeezing out every drop of juice.

Stainless steel & plastic muddler

Another of our highly durable muddlers, similar to the antique brass muddler the stainless steel muddler will serve you well through many a cocktail. Bulkier in shape and design, the stainless steel muddler is 8 1/4 inches making it slightly shorter than the antique brass version, however the length of your muddler all comes down to personal preference. Some bartenders even argue that is not about how long your muddler is but how you use it?

Large wooden muddler

Speaking of size, the large wooden muddler dwarfs all other muddlers in the Beaumont TM range at a whopping 13 inches long. That is of course the point with this muddler, it is for your more heavy duty muddling, where a large amount of both force and control are required. Due to its heavy weight, it makes light work of most fruit and other soft ingredients that it comes into contact with.

8-10 inch standard muddlers

We also have a range of three different more standard muddlers. These muddlers will do the job at the lowest cost. The standard wooden muddler comes in both 8 inches and 10 inches whereas the all plastic muddler comes in 8 1/2 inches.

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