The perfect jigger for craft flair?

The Preciso jigger has become a bit of a classic at Beaumont TM since it was introduced in 2016. Based on a popular design from Japanese bartending culture, it is the perfect jigger for those wanting a little more sophistication and elegance from their measure – without a huge expense Although this jigger is not government stamped and therefore like all jiggers can only be used for making cocktails. If you want to know more about the rules governing this, check out our weight and measures blog.

In fact this jigger is designed for cocktail making and thanks to its elegant styling it looks great when being used for craft flair. Craft flair focuses on fluidity, style and the general aesthetics of drinks making. You will often see bartenders using craft flair in high-end cocktail bars, where they seem to consistently and stylishly flow from one action to the next when preparing your cocktail. Craft flair isn’t the type of flair that is about throwing bottles around for shock and awe, it is about mesmerising the customer with a beautiful flow accentuated by cool and stylish barware. Such as the Preciso jigger.

The Preciso not only looks great but it will stand the test of time too. Constructed from stainless steel, with brass for the joiner in the middle, these materials will always polish up well and will be able to endure many, many hours of the rigours of bartending. By using high quality materials in the construction of the Preciso, we can ensure that whatever alcoholic or cocktail related liquid you use it with, it will retain its structure and gleam.

Craft flair bartenders particularly like jiggers such as the Preciso due to the way the measuring cups are set up, one on the top at 25ml and one on the bottom at 50ml. This allows for an easy flip or ‘twizzle’ to move between the measurements. You will also find measurements in 5ml increments on the 25ml side and measurements in 10ml increments on the 50ml side. Perfect for making those cocktails that require a little extra accuracy.


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