Proud to be ISO 9001/15 accredited

ISO 9001 is a quality management accreditation that isn’t easy to obtain and for good reason. Companies around the world who are able to demonstrate an ISO 9001 accreditation go above and beyond in the creation and maintenance of their quality control systems. This involves everything from the quality of the product produced, to the quality of life for employees, through to customer service and everything in between.

We have recently been through the process of upgrading our ISO 9001 accreditation to the latest version ISO 9001/15 and with it ensuring that we are still maintaining the high standards the ISO powers require. The health and well-being of the Beaumont employees has always been high on our agenda and this is an area that has seen a lot of progress in the updated ISO 9001/15.

This means taking steps such as introducing a cycling to work scheme, free fruit on offer around the workplace, and rewards for achieving company objectives. Our employees are one of our greatest strengths here at Beaumont TM, facilitating healthier and happier employees can only make the service you receive from us better – we hope!

Our attention to quality as part of ISO 9001 also extends to a responsibility for the earth’s environment. We have already taken steps forward in this regard by moving to reusable stainless steel straws and paper straws earlier in 2019. And will now be taking this a step further by removing all plastic disposable disc stirrers from our range entirely.

Our internal systems of action and management have also seen a rework, with a keener focus from management on feedback from our customers. This means producing action plans to ensure that anything that is falling short of our high standards is sorted in a timely fashion. It doesn’t stop at feedback either, we are proactively looking at ways to improve the quality of the service we deliver to our customers – starting with our logistics policy. Ensuring that we can live up to our next day delivery standard.

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