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David Attenborough and one of the recent nature television shows he narrated, Blue Planet II, have spearheaded a huge market shift in the way we use and buy straws. Straws have been a mainstay in restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars and fast food outlets across the country for decades – one thing is for certain, straws were never going to go anywhere. As we know, they have been made out of plastic for many years and it was only when the nature show Blue Planet II aired on the BBC for the first time that people across the UK began to realise the damage plastic straws can do to the environment, our ecosystem and as such our way of life.

Plastic straws are no stranger to us here at Beaumont, however upon realising the huge negative impact they can have we, like McDonalds, Costa Coffee, Pizza Express and many more, took the action to phase out the supply of plastic straws across the board – initially replacing them with reusable metal straws whilst we secured a value for money supply chain of paper straws.

We are happy to report that our new range of paper straws are entirely bio-degradable, which is not only important for the environment but also the food, drink and hospitality market as a whole. Shift in business practice is nearly always driven by shift in public opinion, after all the two are intrinsically linked with the public being the people who run and work for these businesses. As many of you will know, here at Beaumont TM we pride ourselves on being able to supply businesses with products that are not only popular but also high quality and good value for money.

8 inches long with a 6 mm bore and made from wood pulp, our paper straws are alike to the plastic straws in almost every way – aside from the fact they are now 100% bio degradable and therefore environmentally friendly; and because the type of straw you have on offer can say a lot about your business we come bearing variety – 7 different kinds of paper straw in fact.

paper straws

You can choose from you typical all black straws or all white straws as well as green and white striped, blue and white striped and red and white striped (perfect for Christmas!) – as well as others. Although the colour and style of your straw will say something about your business to the customer, the one thing that will speak the loudest is the fact that it is a paper straw and that is worth every penny.


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