Although not a habit we all indulge in, smoking is still one of the most popular things for people to do when they are out for a drink or a meal – be it a restaurant, bar, hotel or pub. As a result, the responsibility to provide somewhere for the smokers to dispose of their finished cigarettes also lies with these places. Of course there is no requirement to give the smokers somewhere to put their butts, in reality however the choice is do it or they will just end up finding their own place to dispose of them. Which can quite often be the floor, a nearby bush, or even one of your prized plants.


Let’s keep Britain tidy folks. The ashbin is probably the best tool you can have for providing a proactive place for cigarette butt disposal. Don’t get us wrong, ashtrays are great too – the only problem with those is in certain weather conditions they can go missing. High wind and snow for example. The ashbin is a fixture, quite often screwed in to the side of a building, fence or wall. As a result, you can always rely on ol’ Ashy to be there to clean up the mess. Our ashbin looks a little like a friendly face don’t you think?

If you already have an ashbin then we are not one to preach to the choir, although if it is looking a bit tatty it is always worth remembering that everything external on your establishment is going to be taken into account by prospective customers. Particularly if you are a high end bar, restaurant or hotel – the last thing you want is a tatty ashbin half hanging off the wall.

Powder coated ashbin

As with all external fixtures the ashbin is exposed to the elements, so 10 years is the general expected lifespan. Our standard version is stainless steel, which of course holds up well in most conditions and always polishes up nicely if you take good care of it. If however you want something a little more hard wearing we do also have the powder coated version of the ashbin.

Stainless steel ashbin

Both options come with a key operated mechanism and vented stub holes to make sure you avoid unwanted additions to your ashbins such as screwed up packaging and chewing gum. The ashbin also has an inner section that slides out with ease – this is where everything that is put in the ashbin collates, keeping the rest of the interior of the ashbin clean and easy to look after.

So is it time to replace ol’ Ashy – or simply welcome him to your establishment for the first time?

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