Food service from Beaumont TM is expanding, again!

From a 4-inch pizza cutter to a 20 spike meat tenderiser, we have expanded our essential mix of foodservice products even further with a few extra products for the table and a couple for food preparation too! And that is not all, there are more to come with the announcement of our new product guide due out in the next few weeks. Whether it is tacos or curly fries, bread and olive oil or homemade patties, there is something here for chefs and customers alike. Now get stuck in…

For the table

A good range of heavy-duty, black wire baskets, cones and ramekin holders provides plenty of choices for how you would like to present your food once it reaches the table. With two styles of breadbasket to choose from and 2 styles of french fry cones to choose from, now is the time to get creative with your side orders! If you are looking for something a little more eye-catching then the 12 inch round serving platter is the way to go. Made from galvanised tin, this serving platter will stand the test of time.

New to the range is the taco holder. Everyone needs somewhere to put their taco and each of our taco holders will hold 2 empty or full to bursting, tacos. Made from stainless steel this tool will hold your tacos for a long time before it shows any sign of ageing.

And of course not forgetting the trusty squeezy bottle, although we wouldn’t recommend using it to make pretty patterns on the table as we did. Not to say that it isn’t great for this, the nozzle does give you excellent flow and control… It may be better just to use it to add a little sauce to your chips or hot dog. Available in red, white and yellow and in 3 different sizes 8oz, 12oz, and 24oz.

If bread, olive oil and a dash of balsamic are more your style – then our 1/2 litre oil pourer is great for both the kitchen and the table. As useful as it is to the customer as it is to the chef du partie, made from stainless steel this pourer will stand the test of time and polish up really nicely after a good clean.

Essential tools

Moving away from the table service baskets and platters, the other new additions are probably more suited to food preparation. Our hard-wearing stainless steel fruit and vegetable peeler and the black-handled can opener will carry out their roles efficiently and effectively. Designed in a familiar style using Beaumont grade materials, both the can opener and the peeler have become essentials tools in both food and drink service these days.

For food preparation

If you planning on starting a popup burger or pizza cafe then these could be perfect for you. Even if you aren’t, burgers and pizzas have become staple foods in many pubs, bars and restaurants across the land. Whether you are making your own beef patties or tenderising beef steaks Beaumont TM can help you make it taste better with these simple, but effective, food prep products.

If you are interested in becoming a Beaumont distributor, talk to one of our team. Alternatively, you can find your nearest Beaumont seller here.

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