That’s right, our new price list is inbound which means new products, new prices and lots of great new pictures! Our price lists have changed a lot over the years – as we had a bit of fun exploring in this blog – and it has been almost 2 years since our last edition. We always work hard to make our catalogue visually appealing, expect to see more bartenders from across the UK sporting Beaumont TM barware. We love these pictures!

As we said, a new price list also means new products! From food service to barware, there will be lots of new pieces that you will want to get your hands on. For now, we leave you with this little teaser, the beloved Mexican Elbow Squeezer is back with a whole new look.

This isn’t an Emporers New Clothes situation however, the beautifully shiny exterior is not all about the looks – this new exterior is made entirely of chrome. As many of you will know from using some of our premium products, such as the TD 105-30 pour spout, chrome plating really sets a piece of barware apart – both from an aesthetic point of view and also from a longevity and therefore a value for money perspective.

A hard-wearing alloy, chrome is perfect for barware as it looks great and maintains its strength and integrity after many uses, washes and, in this case, citrus fruits! As anyone with a marble kitchen top will tell you, citrus acid can be really problematic – particularly over time – so its important for your Mexican elbow to be made from a hard-wearing material.

The heavy-duty chrome-plated Mexican elbow squeezer and so many more great new products are mere weeks away! Stay tuned to our blog and social for all the latest news regarding the new price list – rest assured, when it’s ready to go we’ll let you know…

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