Did you know you can customise our home cocktail kit?

That’s right, if you have a special promotion or event in mind, then we can have our popular home cocktail kit customised in all manner of ways. The packaging can be altered to fit your branding, as Pilgrims Gin recently did at the BBC Good Food Show. You can also choose the recipes you want to be displayed (currently mojito, margarita, and cosmopolitan), and even from a different range of cocktail tools to go inside!

branded cocktail kit

Many of our barware tools, such as the optics, can be branded too – you can read more on that in our branded barware blog here. The standard home professional cocktail kit contains 8 different barware tools, these include a muddler, 2 stainless steel freeflow pourers, a 25/50ml gjigger, a hawthorne style cocktail strainer, a stainless steel Boston tin, Boston glass, and a cocktail spoon.

home cocktail kit


Although this set of cocktail tools will definitely do the job for almost any cocktail, if you prefer to have more of one thing or less of another, you want to throw an optic or two into the mix or perhaps some of our cocktail garnish picks? This can now be done with your very own branded cocktail kit. The recipes on the outside of the packaging are also a good opportunity to have a bit of fun with a branded cocktail or two. This is definitely the sort of promotional material that your current or prospective customers are going to remember.


If you are interested in designing your own branded home cocktail kit, then please just drop us a call or an email – nickd@beaumonttm.co.uk 

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