Garnish picks with a twist…

When you think of garnish picks, you probably think of cocktail sticks. Sure, they do the job and if you want them – we have them. However, there is a whole theatre behind cocktail making and the enjoying and drinking of a cocktail, so why go to all that extra effort making the cocktail only to go with a standard and uninspiring garnish?

We don’t just like how our cocktail tastes but we also want it to look special – not just like another vodka and orange juice. Everything from the glass, to the type of ice and the choice of garnish and the garnishing tools, all play an integral part in the cocktail enjoying experience.

Cocktail garnishes, in particular, are decorative ornaments that add character or style to a cocktail, often related to the flavours or ingredients that have been used to create the cocktail. Depending on the base alcohol of the cocktail, different forms of garnish are used, rum-based cocktails tend to be decorated with tropical-themed garnishes (such as a cocktail parasol) or slices of fruit. Tequila-based drinks on the other hand will nearly always be garnished with a citrus fruit such as a lemon or lime. Whatever you go for, you often need a garnish pick to hold it in place – and that’s where these beauties come in:



‘Golden balls’ – Garnish Tools

garnish picks

Although not David Beckham these golden balled garnish picks are a classy and more neutral choice. Your balls don’t even have to be golden, this garnish pick comes in either gold plating or copper plating – to match up with all your other sexy copper barware! At 10.8 cm long these garnish picks will straddle even the widest martini glass with ease. That also equals quite a few skewered olives or maraschino cherries too. We’ll let you be the judge on that.


The Pineapple – Garnish Tools

garnish pick

Perfect for Tiki Bars far and wide, these delightful garnish picks are topped with glorious little pineapples. As with the ball style of garnish pick, these cocktail sticks come in both copper plating and gold plating – ensuring they glint nicely as they catch the light. At 11.6 cm these garnish picks are a little longer than their spherically shaped counterparts.


‘Las Muertas’ – Garnish Tools

These ominous little bad boys provide a great bit of character and drama to your garnish. The skull garnish pick is probably the coolest of the lot and will be perfect for a certain style of bar or as the garnish pick for your Zombie cocktail! Being zinc plated this makes it the most durable of the lot and sits at a healthy 11 cm long making it useful for a variety of garnish applications.

garnish picks


Cocktail Parasol – Garnishing Tools

The cocktail stick may have been the original but arguably the cocktail parasol is a timeless classic. Often used in rum based drinks and tropical drinks, the cocktail parasol ushers in a feeling of being in an exotic place or consuming exotic food or drink – nearly always found in hot destinations around the world, the cocktail parasol is also great at reminding customers of that holiday feeling, taking them back to that sunbed on the beach or beside the pool. Available in a range of colours our cocktail parasols are fully functioning parasols, although we wouldn’t advise using them to shelter from the elements!

garnish picks


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