Bring on the New Year, Bring on the Bubbly!

Is there a better way to see in the new year than with Champagne? Actually, there might be… Champagne cocktails!

Champagne cocktails need to be done just right, so as you prepare to celebrate in style, you’ll first want to decide what type of Champagne you and your guests will be sipping. For example, Brut Champagne is very dry, Sec Champagne is moderately sweet and Doux Champagne is the sweetest. The Champagne you choose is just a matter of personal preference, but these differences might give you something to think about.

Champagne cocktails are usually very simple to make. Whether it be a friendly, sophisticated Mimosa that mixes fruit juice with Champagne, or Ernest Hemingway’s famously daring mixture of Champagne and absinthe, ‘Death in the Afternoon’, there’s something for all your guests to enjoy!

Whether you’re keeping things light and bubbly, or kicking the year off with a bang, you’ll certainly need to keep your most prized ingredient ice cold and ready to go!

Bollate Wine/Champagne Cooler

Whatever recipe you decide upon, pick a good Champagne! It doesn’t have to be expensive but it’s worth spending some time looking into the one you’re buying (you could even use sparkling wine if you want, we’re not sticklers for the rules!) You should, of course, serve Champagne and Champagne cocktails in flutes. Flutes are designed to preserve aeration, which is essential, because what would a glass of bubbly be without the bubbles?

Traditional Champagne Bucket Stand

Keep your Champagne chilled until the last second and as soon as it’s opened place it in a Champagne Bucket. Put the bucket on a Champagne Bucket Stand to keep it safe and accessible to guests and/or waiters. If you are serving Champagne cocktails, it’s best to serve them as soon as they’re poured, as the bubbles begin to flatten straight away.

Use a Champagne stopper to store any leftover Champagne and it should stay good for up to 3-5 days.

Whether you’re letting your bubbly take the limelight or you’re mixing it up with Champagne cocktails, treating your ingredients with the respect they deserve is vital to any New Year’s Eve celebration, at home, or at a bar, restaurant or club.

Bubbly goes particularly well with nibbles, and if you want to wow guests with plentiful appetizers served with sophistication, check out our trays to help you carry them.

From all of us at Beaumont, a very happy new year! 


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