Back by popular demand: Classique wine & champagne bucket & stand

With such a large number of products in our range here at Beaumont TM, eventually, some products will reach end of line status – usually because we want to move in a new direction and offer something fresh and new. However, sometimes we will receive requests to bring a product back. This happened with our Peg Boards, and now too with the Classique wine & champagne bucket & stand. We are constantly in conversation with our customers and value what you have to say, so if there is something you want us to bring back, let us know, and you may just see it return. Although we understand if you want to leave the fold up blue plastic picnic table in the 80s, where it belongs…

The Classique wine & champagne bucket & stand, on the other hand, is aptly named, as it is a bit of a classic. We have a couple of different wine & champagne standing coolers to choose from, such as the deluxe and the voltre, however, these are quite different from the Classique. The voltre is a beautifully embellished wine & champagne standing cooler and the deluxe is a different style and shape, perfect for multiple bottles. The classic, however, is simple and elegant. Made from polished stainless steel, the Classique is certainly more of an accompaniment and won’t be stealing the show.


Standing wine & champagne coolers add a touch of poshness and elegance in any situation, whether it is in the corner of a bedroom in a hotel room, at the end of a table for two in a beautiful restaurant, or in a private booth at a club. There is certainly something exclusive about a standing wine & champagne cooler. It isn’t all about the image however, standing coolers can also be very useful if you operate a small establishment with limited space on the tables. Standing coolers steal no space away from the table and still allow for ice-cold wine or champagne to be served.


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