Back by popular demand! Beaumont Peg Boards!

As we said, the peg board is back by popular demand! First off we want to know whats not to love about peg boards, why did we decide they were no longer cool about 15 years ago?

As we know, fashions and trends move in cycles and it is only a matter of time before things come back around again, even the farmers flat cap fell into mainstream fashion; albeit it quickly fell out again – phew! The peg board is certainly ‘high fashion’ right now as a cool and creative way to differentiate your menu, specials board, price board or anything else – from the more typical black board or printed board.

Peg boards for business

The peg boards are starting to make quite the comeback in burger joints, cocktail bars, and most establishments aimed at 18-35 year olds – especially in certain areas of London, Manchester and Liverpool. Although perhaps more traditionally used by Chip Shops, Pre-Schools and Hairdressers in the UK, the peg board remains a really cool way to disseminate information.

Our range of peg boards are manufactured by Beaumont TM in the UK, as are the pegs. Available in four different sizes the peg board can be used on a large scale or for something smaller. Alongside the boards we also sell the packs of pegs and we are very proud to say that you get almost 3 times more pegs in our packs than you will do from the nearest competitor – 660 characters to be exact! We know there can be nothing more infuriating than  pegging up your specials and realising you don’t have enough of the letter ‘E’ to finish; and then having to order another whole bag of pegs just to get the few missing letters you require.

peg boards for business

What we particularly like about the peg boards as a way of sharing information with visitors and customers, is that they can be reused almost as many times as you need. The surface of black boards and white boards can deteriorate over time and it only takes one mistake on the white board with a permanent marker to ruin it. With peg boards they will continue to look good and remain useful far longer than the alternatives, so long as they are looked after.

Perfect for a range of applications including Gastro Pubs, Cafes, Deli’s, Burger Restaurants, and Trendy Bars – discover the whole peg board range here:

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