Why do I need pourer caps?

Pourer Caps

Pourer caps can often be overlooked in the bar industry, whether your bar is located in a beautiful hotel,  a vibrant restaurant, or is a standalone cocktail bar. Our ergonomic pourer caps will slip on perfectly to any stainless steel or brass and chrome pour spout or fast flow pourer – pourer caps really can make the difference. Here is why:

Pourer Caps

Without a pourer cap you leave the door to your bottle wide open, you wouldn’t leave the door to the bar wide open when you close up for the night – so why do it with your bottles? Most bars, hotels, clubs and restaurants will know that the fruit fly can be a consistent visitor and even lodger during the warmer months. Storing your bottles un-capped leaves your alcohols open to fruit flies. It has now been proven by scientists that fruit flies will actually actively seek out alcohol when they have been unlucky in love! I think we can all relate to that one.

Pourer Caps

Apart from protecting your bottles from love-stricken fruit flies, the Beaumont pourer caps will also stop evaporation of any liquid inside the bottle. Again making them very suitable for the hot summer months, or if you often operate an outside bar. Furthermore, although cling film is often thought of as a cheaper option – over the medium term and long term – pourer caps are more cost effective. Relatively inexpensive anyway, Beaumont pourer caps will stand the test of time, so long as they are looked after. Not to mention, that cling filmed speed pourers behind a bar can look quite tacky and unprofessional.

We are very proud of our pourer caps because we put a lot of thought into their design. With the ergonomically designed shape, allowing for an indent on both sides of the top of the pourer cap, making them easy to pinch with your fingers and pull off. Other pouring caps can be harder to take off, especially if the bartenders hands are slippery and the pouring cap hasn’t been cleaned properly.

Pourer Caps

Cleaning your pourer caps is quite important to ensure that your pourer caps last a long time, but also so they don’t become sticky inside – which then means you cannot get them off the speed pourers on the top of the bottles very easily. Super easy to clean, all you need to do is soak our pourer caps in a bucket of warm (not hot!) water. Avoid very hot water and dishwashers as with all plastic based products, they can warp.



You can take a look at the pourer cap product on our website here: https://beaumonttm.co.uk/bar-products-and-accessories/pourers-2/pourers/pourer-cap/

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