What’s your shaker? Three of the best from Beaumont

At its best, bartending is a mixture of style and practicality. Whether you’re an amateur or professional, you’re going to have your own needs and personality which will influence the tools you use and the way you work.

One essential piece of equipment is the shaker. But in a world of variety, it’s difficult to know which type of shaker is the right one for you. Fortunately, we’re here to clear things up! So, here’s a low down of three of the most dependable and beautiful shakers on the market…


The Boston Can 

You’ll almost certainly be familiar with the Boston Can. It has evolved from its original form where one part of the shaker was a glass (unsurprisingly). Novices find these a bit fiddly at first as sealing the parts and breaking them for the serve can be tricky. But once you’ve got the technique down, a Boston Can is unbeatable in terms of efficiency, which is why it’s the most popular for commercial use.

The DeLuxe

This DeLuxe (cobbler style) shaker is a favourite amongst Japanese bartenders. They love it because they circulate the ice around the shaker rather than bouncing it off either end. With a built-in strainer and cap, this convenient, all-in-one shaker is also ideal for using at home – saving on the washing up (and even a bit of money as you need fewer tools!)

The French Shaker

The French Shaker lives up to every stereotype – delivering sleek, sophisticated style. Its curved design adds an aesthetic that can make your creations seem even more inviting as they’re being crafted. It differs a little from the Boston Can in that it can hold less ice – but there’s no need to worry about struggling to separate the parts!

This is just the tip of the ice cube when it comes to our range of shakers – check out the full range here.


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