Wave goodbye to wobbly tables with sTABLElizer

How often have you been to a pub or restaurant, sat down at the table of your choice, only to notice that it is wobbly? Perhaps you are tired of coming across dislodged folded up napkins, business cards and more strewn across the floor that were previously stopping your tables from wobbling. Whatever bodge you apply to a wobbly table in the short term you will almost certainly solve the issue, we hear customers really go for the restaurant with a napkin wedged under the table look. In the long term however the cost of all those napkins will eventually tally up so why not just sort it once and for all? With the sTABLElizer wobble wedge.

Wobbly tables will always be something any eating or drinking establishment has to deal with. Floors aren’t always level, the workmanship isn’t always up to scratch – either way wonky tables will always be a problem. Something that you see more often than not is customers dealing with their own tables with the napkin bodge. It is far from reinforcing a positive and professional experience for the customer if they are feeling the need to do this on occasion.

It could be worse, the customer may not even notice the wobbly table until they come back with their tall pint of cold beer and it ends up all over the table and the floor. The wonderfully named sTABLElizer will protect you and your customers from the dreaded wobbles for good.

table wedge

Packaged in a small tub, each one contains 25 different PVC tabs that have been designed to be wedged under uneven table legs. In fact the sTABLElizer does the job so well that you will almost certainly forget that some of your tables are being stabilised after a couple of weeks.

wobble wedge

As the individual tabs are made from strong PVC they will hold up under the heaviest tables and will last for a while before they need replacing. The grooved design of the tabs means they can easily be doubled up if you need that bit more height from your stabiliser. The tabs are also textured, which is important to grip the floor and ensure the table doesn’t end up sliding anywhere.



Forget the wobble wedge, get your tub of sTABLElizers from the team today.

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