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Some of you may have noticed that with the new website came some new features! You can now find your nearest Beaumont TM distributor using our handy map, as well as find the rep for your area if you want to talk to us directly. You may have also spotted the new How To option in the menu. We have picked out some of our most popular products and working with professional bartender Jumbles St Pierre, we have put together some cool ‘How To’ videos, showing you just how the professionals use these barware items in their everyday jobs.

Where better place to start than with the jigger? The main stay of any cocktail making professional, the jigger is of course the non-government stamped, flashier cousin of the thimble measure. As long as you are making cocktails however, the Weights and Measures Act allows you to use only a jigger if you please.

In the Jumbles will show you the best practice in using our Mezclar branded jigger, the Preciso jigger as well as how to make a couple of cocktails just like a professional bartender:

Mezclar branded jigger (as above)

Part of the Mezclar range, the branded jigger is built from high-grade stainless steel ensuring it will last through service after service. One side is 25ml, the other is 50ml with a 35ml mark also engraved in. This jigger is also available in brushed Antique Brass as well as Copper.

Mezclar Preciso jigger (also above)

The Mezclar Preciso jigger is also built from high grade stainless steel and like the branded jigger has both a 25ml and a 50ml bowl, with markings every 5ml on the 25ml side and markings every 10ml on the 50ml side. Slightly different in design and aesthetic to the other Mezclar jigger, the Preciso is one of our most popular:


The Grail

Our newest measure in the range, the Grail is one of a kind. Designed and manufactured with world revered bartender Tom Dyer, the Grail is the perfect jigger for those of you who like to dabble in a bit of Craft Flair. Nickel plated this jigger has markings on the interior from 10ml to 50ml.

The 20/40 jigger

For all you unconventional bartenders out there we have the 20/40 jigger. Wave goodbye to your 12.5ml measures with this jigger and build your recipes in easy to handle multiples of 5 and 10. There is also a 10ml line internally on the 20ml side and a 30ml line internally on the 40ml side.

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