To Seal or Not to Seal? Saving Leftover Wine

Unless you’re super lucky, you’re going to be left with quite a few open wine bottles at the end of the night. Obviously, throwing these away is not an option, but how should they be stored? And for how long?

As I’m sure we’ve all found out the hard way, wine goes off… This is because of a process called oxidisation. When wine is exposed to oxygen for too long, it will taste sour and like vinegar. Saving and sealing wine, then, is essential for customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

Wine Saver

Re-sealers are the most basic form of wine preservation that can be used during a busy night. Re-sealing right away is the first step to preserving wine properly. Often, you won’t be able to re-cork wine easily once the bottle is open. Bottle re-sealers are perfect in these situations and can also be used for storing wine overnight.

Wine Bottle Re-Sealers

For longer-term preservation, a wine pump is the best option. These vacuum pumps take the air out of opened bottles, so the oxygen doesn’t affect them. Tests have shown that around 70% of oxygen is taken out, which could make an open bottle last for up to 2 weeks.

Vacu Vin Wine Pump

When storing Champagne or sparkling wine, all that’s required is a metal stopper and a fridge. The most important thing is preserving the bubbles. The metal stopper keeps the bottleneck cold and produces an air plug that stops the CO2 (the bubbles) from escaping.

Champagne Stopper

Another essential thing to remember when storing wine is to store the bottles upright. This reduces surface exposure to air. When it comes to white wine or Champagne, they should be stored in a fridge. But you could even consider storing some reds in the fridge too.

There are plenty of options, and if you fail to preserve your wine, you can always make a red wine vinegar or a jam! But preservation gives you lots of thinking time.

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