Tin on Tin Cocktail Shaker or the Boston Glass Cocktail Shaker?

Decisions, decisions… Do I shake my cocktails with the tin on tin cocktail shaker or the Boston glass cocktail shaker? Here at Beaumont TM we are passionate about all things cocktails and all things shakin’ (including shakin’ Stevens, although we know it isn’t exactly the right time of year). There isn’t a great deal of differences between our tin on tin shakers and our Boston shakers. For example, both are technically Boston shakers, to create the tin-on-tin shaker we combine our 28oz stainless steel Boston tin with our 18oz mini stainless steel Boston tin – however the big difference is that one version of the shaker is tin-on-tin and the other is tin-on-glass.

tin on tin cocktail shaker

Boston Cocktail Shakers come in particularly handy when creating doubles of larger drinks or the need to capture smoke. The combination of the Boston tin and Boston glass leaves more room for creating more cocktails and also the glass Boston acts as a great viewing portal for any cocktails that contain or use smoke. The glass Boston also acts as a nice window into your cocktail that is being prepared, the transparent build and curvature of the glass magnifies the mixture of the ingredients, creating an interesting and fun experience for the customer.

tin on tin cocktail shaker

The main advantages of the tin-on-tin shaker as opposed to the tin-on-glass shaker is the seal. For many years bartenders have complained that glass on tin shakers will often leak when you are shaking, no matter how hard or well you fit them together. This is mainly down to the inconsistency in the materials, as problems arise where the tin meets the glass. The Koriko shaker from Japan was the original tin-on-tin shaker to capitalise on this, ensuring a better seal than the traditional tin-on-glass shaker – the beaumont tin-on-tin shaker is no different in that regard.

By having both halves of the shaker made out of stainless steel heat insulation and absorption is also particularly good, whether making a hot toddy or a Moscow Mule – the combination of tin-on-tin will ensure your cocktail stays either very warm or very cold, depending on your cocktail of choice. Although bare in mind some bartenders prefer the glass-on-tin equivalent as tin-on-tin shakers can be particularly uncomfortable to handle once they become very cold.

tin on tin cocktail shaker

With both the 28oz Boston Can and the 18oz Mini Boston Can both made out of stainless steel the longevity of these products and therefore the value for money is particularly impressive. Suitable for glass washes and all manner of cleaning these Boston tins should last you a fairly long time under consistent use and strain.

Furthermore, we manufacture our Boston tins in a different way to most on the market. Many will have single or double point welds that attach the bottom of the Boston tin to the rest of the tin and quite often you will find that these welding points weaken and the bottom detaches from the rest of the Boston tin – leaving it useless and broken. All of our Boston tins are welded around the full circumference of the tin.

beaumont barware

Although one of the key advantages of the tin-on-tin Boston versus the tin-on-glass Boston has to be its durability. Whether your establishment has a high staff turnover and you spend a lot of time training, or perhaps you seem to hire clumsy human beings! Whatever the case, the tin-on-tin Boston will protect you (and your customers) from a smashed glass. When attempting to separate the two parts of the shaker from each other with a firm slap with the palm of your hand, Boston glasses have been known to smash and of course if you were to drop one on a hard surface, it will almost certainly smash. This is a problem that the tin-on-tin Boston avoids.

You can discover our tin-on-tin variations as well as our Boston glass and more here: https://beaumonttm.co.uk/bar-products-and-accessories/cocktail/shakers/

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