The Peg Board Display: The original and best

Who would have called the return of wide leg trousers and flares from the 70s, dungarees from the 90s, even Nokia mobile phones from the noughties! It seems that even once resigned to the history books, the original and best ideas always make a come back. The peg board is one of these great ideas that has made a return from the past, with a modern twist. Over the last 2 years our original peg board here at Beaumont TM has been hugely popular and looking at some of the places that have used them and how, we can see why!

Establishments from pop up shops and cafes to cinemas and craft pubs are utilising the creative power of the Beaumont peg board. A creative way to differentiate how you disseminate information or advertise, the peg board has well and truly entered the race with chalk-boards, a-boards and printed media (such as posters and leaflets).

With letter sizes in 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch and 1 and 1/4 inch, there is a remarkable amount of room for creative licence. Who doesn’t like mixing up font sizes? Also available in white, yellow and red, you have your pick of all the most contrasting colours. Although if you really want something different, the joy of a peg board is that you can use almost any peg letters you can get hold of, or even stick branding and logos to it as this Fuller-Smith & Turner pop up bar did.

We have seen some really cool applications of the peg board over the past two years such as at cinemas, cocktail bars and pubs across the land:

Our range of peg boards are manufactured here in the UK, as are the pegs. Available in four different sizes the peg board can be used on a large scale or for something smaller. Alongside the boards we also sell the packs of pegs and we are very proud to say that you get almost 3 times more pegs in our packs than you will do from the nearest competitor – 660 characters to be exact! We know there can be nothing more infuriating than  pegging up your specials and realising you don’t have enough of the letter ‘E’ to finish; and then having to order another whole bag of pegs just to get the few missing letters you require.

peg boards for business

You most certainly cannot argue with the reusability of the peg board either. The surface of chalk-boards and marker-boards can deteriorate over time and it only takes one mistake with a permanent marker to ruin it. With peg boards they will continue to look good and remain useful far longer than the alternatives.

Perfect for a range of applications – discover the whole peg board range here:

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