The Mexican Elbow: Get More From Your Squeeze

Despite what it sounds like, the Mexican Elbow isn’t a wrestling move! But if you’re a budding wrestler, there’s still a chance to claim this as your signature finishing move. We’re not quite sure why it’s called what it is, perhaps the elbow part is easier to understand… in any case, it’s an essential piece of equipment!

Beaumont’s Heavy Duty Mexican Elbow is designed to get more juice from your squeeze. Getting lemon and lime juice doesn’t have to be a workout anymore, this heavy-duty press is stronger and more efficient than your hands could ever be (as well as more traditional reamers and manual juicers!)

Mexican elbows are for when you want serious amounts of juice. Unlike wedges, which are used to add a “splash” of citrus or for a garnish, the Mexican Elbow is used for Daiquiris and Singapore Slings which require a lot of juice (and quickly!)

But how much juice should you be getting from each piece of fruit? As a general rule of thumb, one grapefruit releases approximately 230ml, an orange has 70ml, a lemon has 45ml, and a lime has 35ml.

If you and your customers are concerned with food waste, the Mexican Elbow is a great solution to making sure you’re getting everything out of your ingredients. After you’re done squeezing, you can always use the rinds to carve beautiful and unique garnishes, or candy them for garnishes that last forever!

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