The Magic of Muddlers: Choosing the right one for you

The muddler is traditionally perhaps not the most glamorous of bar tool, but it holds the ultimate power to unlock a cocktail’s hidden flavours and aromas. Beaumont’s muddlers, however, could certainly be described as both glamorous and functional. Coming in various shapes, sizes, and materials, their differences aren’t just aesthetic. Whilst they do add something to the show and performance of bartending, they also serve different purposes and have different benefits.

Each of our muddlers has its unique strengths. Take the base. Is it textured or flat? Plastic or wood? The round textured base is great for gently coaxing out the flavours of herbs, berries, and citrus. Whilst the flat-headed muddler excels at muddling larger, heartier ingredients like sugar cubes or fruit.

Wooden muddlers are classic and gentle on glassware. Plastic muddlers are budget-friendly and very unlikely to scratch glassware, perfect for occasional use. The differences in end shape make each muddler appropriate for different types of glasses when trying to reach awkward angles.

Beaumont’s muddlers are durable, easy to clean, and comfortable to hold. Choosing the right muddler involves considering your cocktail preferences and thinking about which cocktails you’ll be making most frequently.

Stylish, elegant, and practical, with Beaumont’s muddlers at your disposal you’ll enhance your cocktail-making prowess, bringing out the full spectrum of flavours and aromas.

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