The Golden Rules: Using Gold in Cocktails

To celebrate the release of our gold collection on May 1st, we’re going to look at how you can use gold to elevate your cocktails. Whether you’re having a themed night or just want a glittering wow factor for your regulars, gold offers a great opportunity to dazzle your customers and make your bar stand out.


The great thing about gold leaf or powdered gold dust is that they are surprisingly inexpensive. Some powdered gold dust may be mixed with sugar, but otherwise, edible gold is flavourless and used only for aesthetic purposes. You can be sure that producing gold cocktails using Beaumont’s new golden collection will produce a classy and luxurious feel. So, here are some different ways that you can use gold!

Gold glitter

Give your cocktails a shimmering finish by adding a fine gold powder to your drinks. Whether it’s champagne, a dark rum, or a G&T, you can add a subtle glitter or a whirlpool effect that makes the drink’s appearance change as it’s swirled.

Golden foam designs

Edible gold can be found in spray form. The spray can be perfect for foamy cocktails. The foam can be covered in a thin golden sheet or stencils can be used to spray on a unique design.

Golden rim

This is a simple one that can transform a drink. Dip a glass rim in gold sprinkles, or use a rimmer. To mix it up, you can add sugar or spices to the gold sprinkle mixture.


Floating gold leaf

Like golden islands floating on top of your cocktail, a thin layer of gold leaf can look incredible. This option probably looks best on a relatively light and transparent liquid.

Golden garnishes

Spray them, wrap them, cover them in glitter and fruit garnishes take on a whole new attitude when paired with gold.

The gold range may be the flashiest, but it doesn’t stop there for our new range of products… watch this space to discover what other additions you can add to your repertoire!


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