The all new ice crusher

Crushed ice is the key to many a good drink. In fact being able to manipulate your ice into different shapes, or preparing clear ice with distilled water, can be a great way to differentiate your bar. Ice is as integral to the drinks making process as the liquid itself. It allows for dilution of your cocktail, a welcome chill alongside the deep warmth of your whisky, or just to cool your drink on a hot summer’s day.

Crushed ice drinks don’t work with normal cubed ice, you can try it but you will instantly recognise its inferiority. Crushed ice is key to quick and continuous dilution, the drinks that should feature this form of ice have been designed that way for a reason.  From the classic Mint Julep to the latin Caipirinha, the all time favourite Mojito to the Margarita, crushed ice is at the heart of some of the world’s favourite drinks.

Unlike the large and cumbersome ice cube making machines, the heavy duty ice crusher perches eagerly on your back bar, blending in with style and elegance thanks to its chrome plating and cool shape. There are no wires involved with this ice crusher, so no worries about health and safety and certainly no worries about portability. Simply pick it up and move it to whichever area of the front or back bar you desire. Perhaps you need it on hand for a cocktail making masterclass as you demonstrate the classic Mojito, or perhaps it just needs to be passed vigorously from bar back to bar back to ensure it ends up with the bartender who needs it during a busy nights service.

Featuring of three parts, the chrome plated heavy duty ice crusher is just as easy to clean and maintain as it is to use. The plastic ice catcher will ensure all your crushed ice ends up in the right place and remains cool, whilst the small plastic scoop is the perfect size for digging into your pile of crushed ice and heaping it into your drink. It is even more simple to use, simply pile in the ice cubes in the top section and turn the handle on the back. Sometimes simple mechanisms are the best and in this case we believe over complicating things is just asking for trouble with a machine as integral to the bar as the ice crusher.

Designed to be strong as well as beautiful, the heavy duty ice crusher is named as such for a reason. It will handle as much ice as you can fit in the top at any one time, and the handle feels strong and fully integrated into the rest of the machine. The only thing left to do is to give the new ice crusher a go…

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