Something New For Autumn? A Few Ideas To Refresh and Renew…

The high season is slowly but surely coming to a close. Thankfully the sun is still out (for many of us), but as we move into September you’re bound to be planning ahead for Autumn. New menus, new drinks, refreshed energy and enthusiasm! And, maybe a little aesthetic refresh to match!?

Everyone loves getting outside in the summer, but with hectic services day after day your barware can really take a battering! Luckily, if it’s Beaumont – it’s built to last! However, you may still be looking around at your current barware and thinking… out with the old and in with the new! When it comes to autumn, you’re probably thinking warmer colours and more wholesome, textured designs. While summer is all about fresh, sleek designs and clean-cut glassware, as the leaves turn brown before our eyes, your barware too can become darker and more wholesome to match…

Antique Brass 18 oz Tin

Whether you’ve been using a classic Boston Can through the summer months, or something a bit more extra like one of our art deco designs, a switch up to this beautiful antique brass tin is a great option because it keeps things looking sleek while adding a dose of that warmth that works so well at this time of year.

Copper Plated Hammered Mug

Copper fits in the autumn like an absolute glove – it’s as simple as that. Even better with a hammered textured finish to give it a further feeling of wholesomeness. While the drink inside may be extra cold, there’s a strange way an item like this can breathe warmth into the room, and there’s something comforting about seeing the outside frost up – it’s a thing of beauty! Also, extra-festive as we move towards Christmas!

Empire Bitters Bottle

As with the hammered mug, the charm of the Empire Bitters Bottle lies in texture, and those lovely lines running down the sides as well as the visible cork stopper and shapely spout. It doesn’t just look great either, it’s highly practical to decant your bitters into a bottle like this, for easy access and quick pouring!

Metal Straws

Maybe not one that you’d expect on a list like this, but autumn is a great time to switch to metal straws. If you currently use paper straws you’ve probably got through a hell of a lot through the summer months, and brightly coloured paper straws are great for summer, bringing a bit of vibrance and a carefree, cheerful look to your drinks. Metal, on the other hand, brings something more substantial – for the more relaxed, muted time that is autumn. Also great for saving waste!

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