Some new additions and returning favourites…

It might seem strange to some but here at Beaumont TM we genuinely get passionate about our products. We love to flick through the catalogue and ponder which new products we can introduce that are really going to add value, or utility to our customers lives. This is part of the reason why we are always introducing new items of barware, catering equipment, back of house essentials and more. Whereas some of our products are designed to be something new and interesting for the industry, others are introduced following feedback from some of our customers – sometimes you don’t need a fancy new shape and design for a measure, you just need a 20/40ml version.

With that in mind we have put together a list of 4 of our latest small additions. You may well have missed some of these…

20/40ml Mezclar measure (NGS)

Made from brushed stainless steel and manufactured to Beaumont TM quality, this thimble measure is perfect for those bartenders looking for a bit more precision and efficiency. Quite often cocktail recipes, particularly from across the pond, will be built using multiples of 10 ml rather than multiples of 12.5ml that we use in our standard 25ml measures. Constructed from high quality stainless steel this jigger will stand the test of time and the glass wash. Just give it a little wipe down with a dab of vinegar and your stainless steel measure will be glistening on the front bar before you know it.

The more astute and experienced amongst you will notice that it has NGS after the product description, this stands for Not Government Stamped – strictly a bartender must use a government stamped measure in order to legally serve.


Chrome plated spout for bitters bottle

The perfect addition to your current bitters bottle? Even if it isn’t a Beaumont TM bitters bottle, if it is a similar shape it will probably fit as there is some give in the cork. On the other hand if you are super smart and already have a Beaumont TM bitters bottle, this beautiful chrome plated pour spout can replace your current spout or just act as a replacement if you accidently lost one or two! Available in three varying shapes and sizes, the Beaumont bitters bottle, not only look great but just as importantly, work great too. Made from glass, with elegant plated nicked pour spouts with cork – these bottles only look better when filled with your different flavoured bitters. If you are a specialist cocktail bar and stock more than one kind of bitters, having different size bottles with different bitters in it arranged on the back bar can look really appealing and certainly supports bars in getting back to that more classical, apothecary style feel that seems to be in fashion at the moment.


Cutlery tray

That’s right, Beaumont TM have come up with wondrous invention specifically designed to arrange your varying items of cutlery, hurrah! What do you mean it was invented years ago?

This product is one for the utilitarians. We were flicking through our product offering and realised we didn’t sell this simple but incredibly useful organiser. Ensure your cutlery draw isn’t overflowing with poorly arranged knives, spoons, forks and more. Cutlery has a knack for getting tangled up unless you are proactive, untangling and rearranging takes time, time costs money. The cutlery tray, simple yet effective.


The service bell

Much like the cutlery tray, the service bell – simple yet effective. Service bells are making their way back with a vengeance. For a period of time hotels and food and drink establishments considered the use of the service bell outdated and impersonal. As with all things, the cycle has completed and the service bell is popular again, many establishments choosing to use it was staff often have much more flexible roles. Bring that delightful ‘ding’ back to your front of house.

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