Shake it like it’s 1929! Art Deco Shakers from Beaumont

If you could travel in back in time to any time and place, where and when would you go? Woodstock in the 60s? Studio 54 in the 70s? There are many eras that take on special symbolic meaning in the collective imagination… but for cocktail lovers, there’s only ever one winner…

The 20s may have been the era of prohibition, but that gave birth to much creativity in the speakeasies of America. Flappers, Jazz, brimless hats, cigarette holders, cocktail dresses and, of course, cocktails themselves – the roaring 20s will always be the height of style.

As well as seeing the birth of most of the world’s cocktail favourites, style hit an all-time peak in the 20s and we’re willing to debate that with all comers. The style of the era is, of course, typified by Art Deco… characterised by bold shapes and colours, and rich luxurious glamour and exuberance.

While of course, at Beaumont we offer a wide range of designs for bars that want a decidedly modern aesthetic, the spirit of nostalgia is as alive now as it’s ever been. When drinkers are out enjoying themselves they want an immersive experience that’s going to take them out of the everyday and wow them at every moment.

When crafting a great experience for the customer, the details matter. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – when it comes to making an impression there are not many things more important than your shakers. The talisman of the cocktail barperson, a gorgeous shaker grabs the attention and will be right at eye line level when customers are being served… and if they have a penchant for cocktails, you can bet a classy Art Deco shaker is to their taste…

Mezclar 550ml Art Deco Shaker Copper Plated

Copper is all the range at the moment, and if your establishment channels a warm colour scheme, the depth of copper barware just adds an extra layer of richness and indulgence to the place.

Mezclar 550ml Art Deco Shaker Stainless Steel

Copper may be classy, but steel is silky smooth – probably going better among black, chrome and light colours… it’s a tough choice, but both are beautiful.

Not an Art Deco person? Check out our full range of shakers here.

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