Pub essentials for the winter season

British pubs still hold a special place in the hearts of many of this country’s fine residents, whether it is in the blazing sunshine to grab a cool pint in the beer garden or to cosy up in front of the fire with a hearty meal in the winter months. Gastro-pubs to chain-pubs, although every pub has its differences they all have one thing in common, an essential selection of food and drink. Sure some pubs don’t serve food, but all pubs will certainly serve drinks – hot or cold.

Here at Beaumont, we aim to supply the pubs of the land with everything they need to get through the demanding Winter period. Food certainly comes high on the list for many during this time, alongside a hot drink to warm the cockles – but that doesn’t mean you won’t still serve a pint of ale or two…

Food Service

From a 4-inch pizza cutter to a 20 spike meat tenderiser, this essential mix of foodservice products provides all the basic food serving tools. The range of heavy-duty, black wire baskets, cones and ramekin holders provides plenty of choices. With two styles of breadbasket to choose from and 2 styles of french fry cones to choose from, now is the time to get creative with your side orders! If you are looking for something a little more eye-catching then the 12 inch round serving platter is the way to go. Made from galvanised tin, this serving platter will stand the test of time.

Cask Ale Tap

Essential to any Pub that stocks real ale is the Beaumont TM cask ale tap otherwise known as the Abbot tap. There are a few subtle design elements to the Abbot cask ale tap. The ridges along the whole length of the shaft will ensure that when tapped into the barrel via the keystone (wooden or plastic), the tap will both go in and come out of the keystone very easily compared to other cask ale taps. Furthermore, you will also see a number of small holes towards the end of the shaft of the tap, this allows the tap to source ale from the depths of the barrel when the level of the ale is getting low, therefore ensuring you get every drop of ale out of the barrel that you have paid for!

cask ale taps

There is also a little nut at the end of the tap that can be easily screwed off, this allows a tap brush to be fed up the inside of the tap so you can keep your cask ale taps clean with ease. Although we love all these features when we asked for some feedback on our taps, it turns out that the hot favourite is, in fact, the tap opening and closing mechanism? Who knew!? It operates very smoothly and shouldn’t get stuck in place (which again has often been a criticism of cask ale taps in the past). Also available in a double version the Abbot cask ale tap may very well be the best in the business.

Spirit Measures (Optics)

For over 40 years Beaumont™ has been recognised as the favoured choice by Publicans for Spirit Measures and is the number one manufacturer in the world of the good ol’ spirt measure.

Sometimes referred to as optics, spirit measures are the mainstay in many a pub up and down the country. Typically found in pubs – although there is a growing trend for restaurants, bars and hotels also adopting the wall bracket and spirit measure system – you can always recognise a Beaumont TM spirit measure by our logo on the front. Perhaps our most successful product, the spirit measure is available in a variety of different designs (2 of which you can see below):

pub essentials

pub essentials

Also available in a wide range of measurements deepening on your specification. To discover the full range of Beaumont spirit measures including the Vogue, Solo and Metrix SL here:


Spirit Measure Brackets

It is no good investing in a number of different spirit measures to help keep your wastage under control or improve speed of service if you do not also invest in the wall brackets. The spirit measure is lost without the wall bracket as the wall bracket is lost without the spirit measure, they were born to be together. Available in a number of variants including the shelf bracket, self-standing brackets, wall bracket, round bracket and square bracket – this device will ensure your bottle of liquid revenue stays safe and well secured.

Adjustable to ensure that different sized bottles can be used in the wall and shelf bracket system we even have a Euro adaptor available which essentially makes the Beaumont optics European friendly, ensuring they can be used with non-refillable bottles, which are widely sold in Europe.


Barware & bar essentials

If barware is more your speed then not to worry, we have everything you could ever dream of for keeping your bar operations running professionally and smoothly. From jiggers and thimble measures to cocktail tins and strainers, speed rails to bottle bins. We are very proud to have one of the widest ranges of barware and bar essentials in the world. So if there is anything you can’t find, we want to know about it!


Take a look at everything on offer here

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