Proud to support the annual TUCO bar skills competiton

Beaumont TM were very proud to be at Warwick University last week supporting the annual TUCO bar competition. TUCO aka The University Caterers Organisation holds a number of events for University students throughout the year in areas such as bar skills, cooking & serving, salon culinaire, and barista skills. The bar competition this year took place at Warwick University and included entrants from all over the country.

Working against the clock entrants were required to prepare:

  1. A sharing drink- must be for 4 persons
  2. Signature cocktail – which will include specific ingredients
  3. A beer/cider cocktail – which will include minimum 3 ingredients.
  4. A time challenge: make as many 25ml Beefeater and Tonics in one minute. Competing in a head to head with at least one other competitor.

With only 5 minutes for each of the first three rounds to make and serve, it is certainly a challenge. Beaumont TM supported this event alongside DPS Tableware, Coca Cola, Heineken and others and provided a whole array of our cocktail making equipment as well as a number of items from our Signature serving range.

bar skills

You can check out the full rules and criteria for victory below:

Competition Rules

Prepare 1 sharing drink.

  • You may use a serving vessel of your choice. It should serve a minimum of 4 people
  • You may use one homemade ingredient.
  • Maximum 125 ml alcoholic ingredient may be used
  • One ingredient must be a funkin product

Prepare two of the same signature cocktails

  • You will be asked to prepare a cocktail of your choice from the ingredients list, containing no more than 50ml of alcohol.
  • You may bring your own garnish and use one homemade ingredient.
  • You must prepare 2 x signature cocktails

Prepare two of the same beer/cider cocktails.

  • It must include 1 x beer/cider ingredient from a list.
  • Maximum 2 alcohol units per serve

bar skills

  • Marking Criteria
Name of Round Description Scoring
Sharing Serve Make 1 x sharing serve to serve a minimum of 4 x 150 ml drinks 1st Place 10 points
2nd Place 8 points
3rd Place 5 point
Signature Serve Create drink from list of selected ingredients Maximum 100 points
Drink Taste – 20 points
Bartender’s knowledge – 20 points
Bartending technique – 20 points
Cleanliness – 20 points
Marketing story – 20 points
Beer Cocktail Create drink from list of selected ingredients Maximum 50 points
Drink Taste – 20 points
Bartender’s knowledge – 10 points
Bartending technique – 10 points
Cleanliness – 10 points

bar skills

Our barware items saw some good use throughout the TUCO bar skills competition and in the end it was narrowed down to a top three. Congratulations to the winner Elle Gilligan and to the runners up Ellen Wood and Natalie Parker:

Position Competitor(s) Institution Name
Gold Elle Gilligan Lancaster University
Silver Ellen Wood University of Reading
Bronze Natalie Parker University of Nottingham
Best Signature Cocktail Natalie Parker University of Nottingham

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