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Have you heard of the Pro Pour? The professional training aid that every alcohol serving establishment shouldn’t have to do without! Seriously though, the pro pour is purposely build for training and works exceptionally well in training bartenders in pouring accuracy. The easiest and most carefree option is of course to employ spirit measures or optics behind the bar, with these fitted it is impossible for your staff to over or under pour – leaving both your bottom line and your customers, very happy. However for those of you who prefer to have your bartenders free pouring or even using thimble measures – the Pro Pour is a must have.

We may be coming across very forthright in our description of the Pro Pour but that is because it is endorsed world wide by the World Flair Association (WFA) and European Bartender Schools (the world’s largest bartending school group). The WFA employs them in their grading tests, which have become a staple for bartenders across the globe to prove their bartending prowess to would be employers. Whereas the EBS use them for training in free pouring in exactly the same way your bar, pub or restaurant could. In fact, chances are that if you hired a young bartender – they have already come across the Pro Pour either through EBS or the WFA.

Of course the Pro Pour is most effective with bartenders with no formal training. Manufactured from a durable plastic, with measurements in both Ml, Cl, and Oz, the professional pouring aid is perfect for establishments in many different countries, as well as being designed so it sits perfectly inside a typical Boston tin – ensuring no wastage, even when you are training. As you can imagine if you tried to stand the Pro Pour up on its own and pour into it – it will just topple over!

pro pour

Prior to the invention of the pro pour, bartenders would simply learn through experience or by coming up with their own means of performing pour tests. What is clear about learning from experience is that indeed you first have to experience the good and the bad before you reach that point of equilibrium – the good is obviously good, but the bad in this case would refer to an over pour or an under pour. Either way, the customer is going to be unhappy, or the bar owner will be.

Although both errors in pouring are possible, over pouring is the error that tends to happen more often than under pouring. Depending on the size of your establishment, how many bartenders you have working and how many bottles of alcohol you serve, the over pouring practice can soon add up and become rather costly. For example, if three of your five bartenders for the evening are on average over pouring by 2 millilitres a drink – and each of them serves 150 drinks on a busy evening, then you are looking at 600 millilitres (60cl) of waste – or alcohol that hasn’t been accounted for.


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