Introducing the Piccolo Mini Shaker: Because size matters…

We’ve all heard it at some point in our lives, maybe it is talking about cars, fruit and veg, or even cocktail shakers – size matters. Now don’t get misled by this statement, size matters but what size? Is bigger better, smaller, or somewhere in between? They all constitute sizes but which is the best? All in all, what really matters is what size is best for you and here at Beaumont TM we have all bases covered.

With our tin on tin selection you can have a big one and a small one, cocktail shakers that is. The Mezclar 18oz and 28oz Boston Can set are the perfect match, with the 18oz tin slotting perfectly into the 28oz and ensuring no leaks whilst you shake – even for the more vigorous shakers out there! Often coined as easier than glass on tin, a tin on tin shaker does have the advantages of providing the highest levels of heat insulation and of course the material is a lot more flexible than glass, furthermore if you drop either of the tins they will not smash as a glass Boston would.

piccolo mini shaker

We have many different tin choices at Beaumont TM because we understand that everyone is different – some like a big one, others a small one. Some prefer a plain one that does the job and does it well, others prefer one that is maybe a bit prettier or more embellished, they like to look at it as well as use it, so we also have the Pink Floral Mezclar Boston and the Black Floral Mezclar Boston.

christmas themed boston can

Truly when it comes to cocktail shakers it is about how it fits in your hand. Although most cocktail shakers will hold 28oz or around 795ml our precious Piccolo Shaker feels considerably smaller in your hand but still holds 600ml of cocktail mixture.

We have heard from those who prefer the girth of the Mezclar copper plated Boston and those who would opt for something a little more manageable, such as the Piccolo. Don’t be alarmed by the image below, they always look bigger in photos:

piccolo mini shaker

Another great feature about the Piccolo is that it is an all in one. No need for extras whatsoever, you know the Piccolo will always deliver. With a detachable top third and a removable lid the Piccolo mini shaker is not only painless to use (perfect for you first timers!) but also really easy to clean afterwards. We all know how sticky cocktail making can get, but the Piccolo with its easily detachable parts and stainless steel finish will be back to its best in no time and with little effort.

piccolo mini shaker

A timeless shape and design the Piccolo shaker looks great on the front or back bar and will always draw the eye, so long as it is rubbed and polished at least once a day. You can discover more about the Mezclar Piccolo Mini Shaker, including carton size here:

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