New for February: The G&T Spoon, the Ninja Strainer & the 20/40 Jigger

We have three new and exciting products to bring you for February, the first new additions to our range of 2018 – hurrah! Introducing the G&T Spoon, the Mezclar 20/40 Stainless Steel Jigger and the Ninja Strainer. Each created for use behind the bar, which proves to be an ever evolving trade with new desires and demands year on year.

G&T Spoon

Gin is certainly a spirit that has seen a resurgence in recent years. Of course originally a spirit made in bathtubs in London as a cheaper alternative to the likes of Brandy and other spirits, gin has slowly climbed the ladder of perception and popularity. Today it doesn’t matter where you are in the UK, gin bars showcasing sometimes hundreds of different gins are appearing and filling up with many late evening revellers.

Gin, like vodka, can leave a very strong taste in your mouth to the point of being overpowering if it is not well mixed when poured. Quite often a squeeze of lemon, lime or sometimes both; in conjunction with a good stir will do the trick to create your perfect gin and tonic. Copa and balloon glasses are racing back into fashion alongside the gin in which they are served.

The G&T spoon is the perfect size and match for the bartender to give a gin and tonic a quick stir. Only 15 cm long, with a 5ml spoon perfect for adding a touch of flavoured liquor to your G&T, a fine twist shaft and a 25mm disc – the G&T spoon fulfils everything the typical bar spoon does, in a handy pocket size.



Mezclar Jigger in Stainless Steel

The newest addition to our Mezclar jigger range, this particular jigger is built to be hard wearing and provide specific measures that are becoming more common place in artisan cocktails up and down the country. Although many bar managers and bartenders would build cocktail lists based on the typical 25ml and 12.5ml measures, a school of thought has been developing amongst cocktail connoisseurs that this form of measure standardisation doesn’t contribute towards the best cocktails.

As a result we have introduced the 20/40 jigger, which has a 20ml bowl on one side and a 40ml bowl on the other – allowing for an easy pour of 10ml, 20ml, 30ml and 40ml. Built from our high grade of stainless steel this jigger not only polishes up well but is also hard wearing and able to go through many a glass wash.


The Ninja Strainer

Our third and final introduction for February is the ninja strainer. We think it could possibly be the coolest strainer we have ever seen but this isn’t the only reason we have created it! We spend a lot of time talking to bartenders, not just in the UK but all over the world. We were often hearing that bartenders were looking for a new style of strainer, something radically different in shape and design. This is a hard ask, after all the strainer is circular for a reason – to match the glass or cocktail tin in which it is being used to strain the contents.

Our answer was the ninja strainer, aptly named due to its likeness in shape to the throwing star of the legendary ninjas of Japan. With a fine spring and an easy to handle design, the ninja strainer allows for quick and effortless straining, albeit it is a lot safer than a typical throwing star as we have rounded off the corners! The spring detaches as with all of our other strainers, allowing for a quick and efficient dry shake or easy cleaning.

We can see flair bartenders in particular coming up with a whole host of new and cool ways to use this strainer and can’t wait to see what they come up with!

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