Make a real impression with the new Polished Tray from Beaumont

It may be a cliche, but that doesn’t make it any less true… you only get one chance to make a first impression. And, as you will know, some clientele are harder to please than others – but hopefully, your staff are well turned out and impeccably trained to put even the most refined customers at ease. From there, dazzling them with some beautiful barware is absolutely vital. An often-forgotten piece in the puzzle of front-of-house perfection, after your decor and your staff themselves, there is nothing more integral to the aura you’re trying to create.

And what’s first on the agenda of any customer? Whether at a bar, pub, restaurant (or something in between) the first question is always what shall we have to drink? Customers need to be wowed by everything about that first serve, and the first thing they are going to see when their drinks arrive is the tray they are being carried on. That’s where the new Polished Tray from Beaumont comes centre stage – giving your drinks the grand entrance they deserve. Perfect for pre-theatre cocktails, aperitifs, digestifs, and just about anything in between, it is sophistication in tray form.

Style & Substance

The tray is polished, yes, but that is just a small part of its charm… many things are polished… some are ‘shiny’ – missing the mark of sophistication and landing firmly in the tacky pile. This is no such item. Its deep corners and rounded silver edges give it a real depth of quality that’s backed up by a thickness and weight that both breathe good quality and taste. Is it necessary to serve drinks on such a feature piece? No. But that’s precisely the point. This is no standardised thin black tray from your local pub – this is a tray that feels substantial, making your customers feel like royalty, with a look that could even be silver-plated to the untrained eye.

Whether you’re serving early-evening cocktails, popping open the bubbly, or giving your G&T the respect it deserves, the new Polished Tray from Beaumont will make every moment feel extra special. 

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