Level Up with the Grail Jigger

Bartending gets a whole lot funner with a splash of ambition, which is why you should grab a Grail Jigger! This innovation, designed by world-renowned flair bartender, Tom Dyer, hasn’t got any less exciting since its release. In the world of mixology, the Grail Jigger is an emblem of decadence and distinction. In a market overflowing with ordinary barware, the Grail stands as tall and bright as a beacon.

The Grail Jigger stands out in its style but also function. Its unique design means that, whichever way you choose to hold it, it will sit comfortably in your hand. This flexibility means that it can complement a variety of bartending styles. Its exquisite design and captivating shape transform any cocktail concoction into a performance of flamboyance and character.

The single-sided design makes draining the jigger that much easier than double-sided jiggers that need to be drained both ways. And the measurement lines inside the jigger go up in increments of 5mml from 10-50ml, giving you even more options when it comes to controlling the subtleties of your cocktails.

Quality is at the heart of the Grail’s DNA. Nickel plating not only adds a touch of elegance but also shields it from corrosion. It’s like a timeless piece of art that will look even more beautiful in the hands of a skilled mixologist. The Grail Jigger has been designed with the perfect weight to aid bartenders’ creativity. So, if you’re a bartender looking to elevate your craft, the Grail Jigger is a gateway to innovation, a symbol of style, and a guarantee of quality.

For inspiration, check out some moves from none other than Tom Dyer himself:


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