The key to happy football fans in your pub or bar…

The football World Cup is almost upon us, bringing with it many hundreds of boozy football fans. The pub and local bars are always keen favourites for fans of all countries to congregate and cheer on their team. What goes hand in hand with watching a game of football, well more often than not a bottle or pint of beer/cider.

Actually it doesn’t really matter what they are drinking, so long as you can carry on serving it. Two of the biggest problems during these excessively busy periods of the year are ensuring you change the barrel of beer good and quick and have enough glasses to keep the steady flow of revellers happy. One thing you certainly don’t want to do is annoy a boozy football fan and nothing annoys them more than having to wait at the bar because your establishment has run out of glasses to serve them! Particularly if the bar is not in sight of a TV screen!

With the weather we have been having lately across the UK (hot, hot, hot!), the prospect of football fans congregating in the beer gardens, pubs and bars across the UK is getting stronger and stronger. The key to ensuring a rapid and continuous drinks service is making sure your team of bartenders have everything they need at their fingertips.

Glasses can often be a problem. Lets be honest, football fans aren’t known for their helpfulness – so don’t expect those pint glasses to keep turning up on the front bar every time they want another drink. You need either a strong team of bar backs scouring the gardens and tables for empties, or bartenders who can systematically get away and do a big clean up.

With so many different shapes and styles of pint glasses, and glasses in general these days, the old leaning tower of stacked glasses is harder to achieve. The key is to have tools at your disposal that can help your team efficiently and quickly collect up all those empties, keeping the conveyor belt of happy, well lubricated football fans going.

It’s been a slow build but we have finally made it to the point of this piece, the Beaumont TM glass and bottle collector! The king of glass collecting, this great little basket will allow you to carry up to 20 glasses at a time, if you double stack in each of the 10 slots. Two of these on the go should allow you to collect up to 40 glasses in a matter of minutes. and without the fear of the weight of the stack leading to all mighty crash and smash.

Work smarter, rather than harder with our glass carrying baskets – and no doubt your bar backs or bartenders will certainly thank you for it. Just bare in mind if the bar is full of England football fans, it doesn’t matter who they are playing, it can very quickly turn very sour – so make sure you get those glasses back into safe hands quickly!

Take a closer look at the Beaumont TM glass carrying basket:

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