It’s the little things: Gorky Strainer vs Fine Mesh Strainer

In the world of mixology, the tools of the trade are as important as the ingredients themselves. The art of crafting the perfect cocktail requires precision, efficiency, and the right equipment. At Beaumont, we’re obsessed with the art of bartending and with producing tools that both respect tradition and advance the craft. This led us to collaborate with Masters of Flair winner, Gorkem Harp, who used his wealth of experience to give birth to the innovative Gorky Strainer. But what makes it different?

The most striking feature of the Gorky is its distinctive shape. Unlike traditional fine mesh strainers, the Gorky boasts deeper sides and a precise, round design. Its volume means that you can pour your whole cocktail into it and, once it’s poured, you can solely focus on the straining. The strainer lends itself to speed and flair in a way that standard fine mesh strainers don’t.

The Gorky has an extra-fine strain that will catch the smallest impurities and tiniest ice crystals, ensuring that the cocktail isn’t over-diluted and producing a smooth and silky result. Its sturdy construction ensures it can handle the demands of a bustling cocktail station.

The Gorky Strainer is brilliant, but there’s still a place for the classic fine mesh strainer! Fine mesh strainers have been a staple in bartending for years and are certainly effective in many scenarios. For example, if you’re not in such a hurry you can use a fine strainer, which requires a gentler touch, playing its part in an elegant serve. Fine mesh strainers are also good for foamy cocktails, or for when you don’t need such a fine strain.

Famous flair bartender and friend of Beaumont, Tom Dyer, talks you through the Gorky:


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