Just in time for National Wine Day…

That’s right national wine day is tomorrow (25th May). In true spirit of such a day, we thought why not explore all of our wonderful wine accessories here at Beaumont TM. From glass hangers to have your best wine glasses on show, to wine coolers, measures and stoppers. Whether your establishment specialises in the glorious grape or perhaps you are just a bit a bit of an oenophile, this blog has all the tools you need to serve the best wine…

Wine Coolers

We have a vast range of champagne coolers, wine coolers, champagne buckets and stands. Our Signature range encompasses design and functionality, made from high grade stainless steel, our coolers appear very sophisticated yet remain affordable. The coolers and ice buckets will keep your champagne, prosecco or rose wine perfectly chilled be it on the bar or at the table.

The Obella wine/champagne cooler makes for the perfect bottle storage, provided you want to keep that bottle cold of course! With a smooth, highly polished finish the Obella really stands out in a hotel bedroom, or in a restaurant or bar. Constructed from stainless steel the Obella provides great value for money as well as superior cooling. Some of our Signature range coolers and buckets are double walled to provide the best insulation, as a result the Obella cooler will keep your bottle of wine or champagne cold for up to 7 hours!

The Ciro cooler provides a different style and shape to the more traditionally round wine coolers. A large unit, the ciro will easily hold two large bottles of wine or champagne as well as plenty of ice. The sleek and modern design ensures that this wine cooler will stand out wherever you put it.

Glass Hangers

Aside from making sure that you have the best bar glassware in town, it is important to make sure that you have the perfect place to store it. Glass hangers along with many other things from the 20th century are really coming back into fashion. Glassware should be stored out of the way but you still need to have easy access to it. The glass hangers represent the perfect solution. Available in Brass and Chrome these glass hangers add a real sense of character to the bar, if you are lacking in headroom however they might not be for you! Our glass hangers are also available in various lengths ranging from 10 inches to 24.


Wine Stand Coolers

Perhaps a table or bar side wine cooler isn’t what you are looking for, in which case the more accomplished stand coolers come into play. Perfect for smaller and more intimate establishments that may not have as much room on the tables, or for those trendy and modern wine bars that have just a small side table for your glass and cheese board – the wine stand coolers not only look exceptional but also sit at the perfect height for a seated pick up and pour. You can choose from our basic bucket stands (pictured above) that will fold up for easy storage.

For something a little more fancy, look at our Signature range. Standing at 103cm tall with a dimpled finish the Voltre wine and champagne bucket and stand is the perfect accompaniment to a hotel restaurant table for 2 or even alongside a double bed in a hotel bedroom. Standing at 103 centimetres from the ground this cooler is designed to be at the perfect height to reach over from a seated position and grab your bottle comfortably.

Our latest addition to our range of wine and champagne stand coolers is the deluxe double champagne cooler. With a touch of modernity and glamour to the stand and a hint of past period architecture with the shape of the tub and eloquent handles on both sides, its aesthetics are second to none. As it is made from high grade stainless steel it is particularly durable. The stainless steel , insulated tub, on the top of the stand will also keep your chosen champagne or wine cool for hours.

Wine Measures

Designed to ensure you bartenders are sticking to the prescribed amounts of a small, medium or large glass of wine the 125/175/and 250ml wine measures sit comfortably on your back or front bar alongside your standard jiggers. Although there are a number of wine glasses available with 250ml or 175ml measure markings on the exterior of the glass, many establishments are moving away from these and branching out to all manner of drinking receptacles. Particularly popular in 2017 were the extra large wine glasses and balloon glasses to allow the wine to oxidise faster.

All government stamped these measures pass all the proper UK regulations when it comes to measuring out a glass of wine. However, if you are worried about contaminating your white wine by picking up the thimble measure the other bartender just used to pour red – this is where the handy Indenti clip comes in.



Identi Clip

The Identi-Clip is designed for one sole purpose, the clue being in the name! To identify a jigger measure with regards to the wine last used in it. For those highly organised bars, which have all three different levels of wine measure for each station – this can be particularly helpful. The stainless steel clip is flexible and will clip on to any standard 125/175/250ml measure.


As we are sure you can imagine, the Identi-Clip can ultimately save on the wastage of valuable millilitres of wine. Working behind bars we have all been there, where we have measured out a large glass of red wine in the 250ml measure – only to then pick up and use the same measure (without thinking), or for another bartender to grab the measure, and then use it to pour a glass of white wine. Either the bartender will notice that they have contaminated the glass of white they have been asked to serve and throw it away (wine wastage), the customer will notice the strange tinge to their glass of wine and ask for another (again wine wastage), or perhaps worst of all – the bartender doesn’t notice, the customer pays for and consumes the drink and never returns entirely dissatisfied with the level of service! Who knew three little clips could potentially save you so much trouble!

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