Is this the best looking spirit measure around?

It is no accident that this particular spirit measure is called The Vogue. The most eye-catching and stylish of our optics range, The Vogue is designed to be just as strong and convenient as the Metrix SL or the Solo. Where the Vogue comes into its own though is aesthetics. Although aesthetics aren’t the most important to thing to some, there are those who design their bar spaces to evoke a stylish and premium feel. This is the spirit measure for you.

The opulent oval shape to the front of the Vogue spirit measure is the key to drawing the eye of the customer. Many of our customers use this to their advantage, choosing to use the Vogue to promote only their most premium bottles. The aesthetic design of The Vogue is only one part of it however…

A reliable spirit measure with a specially designed non-drip mechanism, you can be sure your Vogue optic is not going to leak revenue. The smooth dispense action is ensured during the manufacturing process where the key components are soaked in food-grade lubricant, which of course means the optic is effortless to use from day one, like a well oiled machine – or in this case a well lubricated one…

Just as important in a spirit measure is the mechanical design, after all an optic is made up of many individual moving parts and if it isn’t expertly manufactured and rigorously tested – like all complicated tools, it can go wrong. Here at Beaumont TM we are very proud of both our spirit measure manufacture and testing process, which is the most rigorous in the industry. We only use the highest quality materials and make an effort to imbue strength into the head-plate of each of our spirit measures to ensure they can hold a 4 litre bottle of spirit with no problems. All of our spirit measures also come with a 1 year warranty.

Why would I want to use spirit measures instead of thimble measures or jiggers?

Perhaps you are thinking optics are old and outdated, or optics cost too much versus just buying a few different sized government stamped thimble measures for behind the bar. Cost wise they retail at about the same price as a decent jigger or thimble measure – so there isn’t much difference there.

In fact what you do spend on optics can easily be argued as an investment in your bottom line, as you ensure that you are going to receive revenue for every drop of that bottle of spirit. It is estimated that drinks serving establishments such as pubs and bars lose out on anywhere between 5%-15% of their daily drinks revenue through consistent over-pouring by under trained staff – you also have to take into account accidents with dodgy pourers and the inevitable splash when a bartender misses the jigger with their initial pour.

However when it comes to the argument that optics are old and outdated – nothing could be further from the truth. Optics have been around for many years but there is a reason they live on, they offer unrivalled accuracy when it comes to pouring. Sure, trendy bars and cocktail establishments have moved away from them and will probably prefer to use jiggers, as these allow there bartenders to flair and they fit the image of the bar scene.

Anyone who has seen a bar or a pub with a wall full of optics in full swing will be able to tell you that they are also quicker and more efficient than pouring. In the time it takes a bartender to grab the bottle of spirit and then the jigger, return to the front bar to pour the spirit and then return to the back bar to find the place to put the bottle back – a bartender standing at an optic can pour double the amount. It also protects you from that over-zealous customer who has had a few too many and claims you’ve been under-pouring their drinks all night and ripping them off – after all you can’t argue with an optic! (especially if you see the rigorous testing we put them through).

You have your choice of three different spirit measures that we manufacture, but if your about style – then you need look no further than The Vogue spirit measure.

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