Introducing the new mini bar mat, perfect for baristas and bartenders

Bar mats, or service mats are a great thing; an important implement in the life of any service industry individual, these mats protect our surfaces and make cleaning up a whole lot easier. Bar mats as we know them, however, have more or less always only ever come in one shape – a elongated rectangle. This is a problem in our eyes, for a number of reasons. Firstly the lack of variety guides most bars, cafes, or coffee shops down the same route, there is little room for creativity and therefore the ability to differentiate one’s business. Secondly, whereas the shape of the original  bar mat may be good for lining up a number of drinks next to each other – this is not particularly useful to a barista.

You guessed it, well the photo at the top of the article is a bit of a give away, but yes this article is about our all new mini bar mat. The uniformed shape and style of most bar mats that came before has creatively been circumnavigated when it has presented an issue. Often you can walk into an establishment that doesn’t have a long straight bar, perhaps it is hexagon shaped, and what you will see is standard bar mats cut down to the size required and stuck back together on the front bar. Not only does it not look great for your customers, this also compromises the strength of the bar mat.

mini bar matt

Our minimal, all black mini bar mat, not only looks stylish but can also slot together nicely with other mini bar mats or normal bar mats to give you more shapes and styles to work with when designing your service mat area.

You get everything from a Beaumont TM bar mat that would expect and more. The Beaumont mini bar mat is designed with an adequately deep tray that holds a large amount of liquid, but not so much that the bar mat is impossible to move and empty when the times comes.

mini bar matt

Most importantly however is the high grade rubber that Beaumont uses for their bar mats. The high grade of the rubber used ensure that not only will the bar mats not fade over time and wash but they will remain strong and durable – with no warping! This is especially important when  it comes to emptying your bar mats.

As any bar owner or bartender will tell you, if you buy low quality bar mats, after a few washes at high temperatures in the glass wash, they can start to become flimsy and disfigured. This is actually much more of a problem than it sounds. When a poor quality bar mat warps too much, the individual rubber pins that make up the middle of the bar mat start to bend. Ultimately this results in a bartender making a drink, adding the extra weight of the liquid in the glass, placing that glass on the bar mat to serve – only to see it topple over as the rubber pins beneath it bend under the weight.

This not only results in both an unhappy and frustrated bartender and customer but usually quite a mess – and a broken glass! Don’t leave it to chance, invest in good, high quality barware and over time you will reap the rewards.

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