A wine measure’s best friend, the Identi-Clip

The Identi-Clip

Many of our products are focussed on translating benefits directly to your bottom line, whether this be through reducing wastage, increasing efficiency, or increasing aesthetic appeal. The ‘Identi-clip’ is no exception.

The Identi-Clip is designed for one sole purpose, the clue being in the name! To identify a jigger measure with regards to the wine last used in it. For those highly organised bars, which have all three different levels of wine measure for each station, for example – then this can be particularly helpful. The stainless steel clip is flexible and will clip on to any standard 125/175/250ml measure.


As we are sure you can imagine, the Identi-Clip can ultimately save on the wastage of valuable millilitres of wine. Working behind bars we have all been there, where we have measured out a large glass of red wine in the 250ml measure – only to then pick up and use the same measure (without thinking), or for another bartender to grab the measure, and then use it to pour a glass of white wine. Either the bartender will notice that they have contaminated the glass of white they have been asked to serve and throw it away (wine wastage), the customer will notice the strange tinge to their glass of wine and ask for another (again wine wastage), or perhaps worst of all – the bartender doesn’t notice, the customer pays for and consumes the drink and never returns entirely dissatisfied with the level of service! Who knew three little clips could potentially save you so much trouble!


The Identi-Clip is available with the wording White, Red, and Rose printed on and is made of stainless steel, ensuring that the Identi-Clip is good value for money and serves for a long time – whilst still looking good. It is also very easy to clean and clip on. The identification clips essentially make it much harder to cross-contaminate your wine jiggers and could save on valuable serving time, as less time is wasted searching for (or cleaning out a suitable) wine measure.



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