How not to contaminate a customer’s glass of wine

It may seem simple, perhaps too simple, but often it is the simplest of inventions that can have the largest impact. Take the problem of wastage, for example. Wastage is an issue for food and drink establishments around the world. Sometimes, wastage is unavoidable. After all, we are human and accidents do happen. Wastage, therefore, cannot be completely eliminated. However, by introducing products like the Identi-Clip – you can certainly eliminate wastage caused by cross-contaminated wine.

You may think cross-contamination sounds a little drastic, but then again, have you ever been looking forward to a glass of crisp and fresh white wine – only for it to arrive with a slightly, pink tinge and the unmistakable sweet aroma of rose? 10ml of a different kind of wine is all it takes to contaminate a freshly poured glass. When the customer notices there isn’t something quite right with their wine, not only will you feel obligated to replace it with a fresh one, but you will have lowered the customer’s expectations of the level of quality and service your establishment delivers. This seems like a heavy price to pay when the solution is so low-cost and simple…

The Identi-Clip is designed for one purpose, the clue being in the name, to help identify which wine measure is being used for which wine. A simple stainless steel clip, it is flexible and will attach on to any standard 125/175/250ml measure. With an Identi-Clip attached to each of the wine measures behind the bar, there is no excuse to be pouring white wine into the wine measure that was only just used a few moments ago to pour a glass of red.

As the festive period approaches, we understand this can be a busy time for pubs and bars across the country. The Identi-Clip will save your staff time, no longer will they need to hunt for the red wine measure like some form of olfactory detective, smelling the contents of each wine measure on the back bar. The Identi-Clip is full-proof! Well, almost.

The Identi-Clip can be purchased with the wording White, Red, or Rose printed on to a flexible stainless steel clip. We chose this material as it holds up well over time and is flexible yet strong enough to ensure that you don’t have to worry about them snapping as you take them on and off your wine measures. If you are in the trade, you can find the details to get in touch with a Beaumont sales representative below. If you are not trade and you are looking to buy individual pieces, then please follow our link to find your nearest Beaumont TM re-seller.


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