How Do You Shake It? The Different Styles of Shaking A Cocktail…

On this blog, we’ve previously spoken about the art of cocktail shaking. It’s a surprisingly subtle and versatile art! Shaking gives bartenders the opportunity to stamp their personality on the theatre of cocktail making. So, here are some different methods that combine technique and flare.

The “Hard” Shake

This method was developed by legendary bartender, Kazuo Uyeda. Surprisingly, this shake isn’t about shaking the mixture as hard as you can. This is a gentle, flowing movement that requires understanding how the ice moves in the shaker. Typically, it’s done with a 3-piece shaker and the movement focuses on moving the ice around the entire shaker rather than from one end to the other, maximising aeration in the process. This method is best with creams and egg whites.

The Double Shake

This one’s for the show-offs – a cocktail in each hand! Different cocktails can require different shakes. So, the best thing to do is to have the cocktail which requires more vigorous shaking in your strong hand.

The Whip Shake

This one is much rarer (unless you’re in New York). In this technique, you add some small ice cubes to the mixture and shake them until they melt completely. The result is a cocktail that is more chilled, diluted, and frothy than a standard shake.

Now you know how to shake it, check out Beaumont shakers for an extra accent of style and finesse! 


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